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Welcome to Balboa Island, CA

This is the Balboa Island Improvement Association's guide to Balboa Island. This guide offers listings of accommodations, activities, activities, maps, and travel information. Hopefully, this guide shall assist our visitors in enjoying the best of what Balboa Island has to offer. Stop by and stay a while, and see why many refer to this beautiful island as "The Host of the Coast".


Famous People of Balboa Island, California

Errol Flynn owned a large sail boat named the "SIROCCO".

James Cagney owned the schooner "Martha" and spent the summers here.

Cagney's schooner "Martha"



Dick Powell and Spencer Tracy were frequent visitors.

Welcome to Balboa Island :

History of Balboa Island - Come see what made this historic island great.

About The balboa island improvement association

In 1918 the Balboa Island Improvement Association was started (and is still going strong). The BIIA was a strong motivating force in working with the City on bulkhead repair, ferry service, a sewer system, water, gas, electricity, paved streets and sidewalks, and street lighting.

Reginald Denny made several movies here in the 1920's.

John Barrymore had a sailing yacht, the "ENDYNION".

Harry Carey lived on N. BayFront.

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall had a large sail boat named "SANTANA".


Betty Davis used a rented sail boat from Bernie McNally's boat rental business on the Island.

Andy Devine was a regular on the Island.

Edgar Bergen and his wife and daughter Candice had a great steam powered boat call the "SS POOPALONG".

Shirley Temple was a regular summer visitor with her family, vacationed in the 200 block of Coral Ave.

Buddy Epsen and Family lived on S. BayFront were his sailboat, the "POLYNESIAN CONCERT" was docked. Here he is with Shirley Temple in a movie together.



Recent Celebrities

John Wayne's home was on the corner lot in Bay Shores and his big boat the "Wild Goose" still can be seen on the bay waters, its used by the Hornblower tours. He visited the Chinese restaurant, "The Pine Garden" often.

Up to recently, Nicholas Cage lived on the bay shores, but sold the property in 2009.

Henry Mancini, of "The Pink Panther Theme" fame, rented a home on S. BayFront; had a power boat called the GUNN BOAT (named for the Peter Gunn series for which Henry wrote the music).